After sat-killer, India gets radar sniffer in sky

After sat-killer, India gets radar sniffer in sky

SRIHARIKOTA: Five days after

striking down a satellite in low earth orbit

with an A-Sat missile, India on Monday launched a satellite that will protect its assets including fighter jets and spacecraft by detecting radars in enemy territory.

Electro-Magnetic Intelligence Satellite (Emisat)

will intercept radar signals and detect the kind of radar and its location. A radar emits radio waves in specific frequencies that hit the targets and bounce back—telling the radar the nature of the target, its movement and distance.


is a result of a five-year development jointly by

Indian Space Research Organisation

(Isro) and

Defence Research and Development Organisation

(DRDO). “It will tell us what kind of radar is at work on the other side (based on the spectrum), and we will be able to read the distance between the radar and our assets,” said a DRDO scientist.

DRDO chief Sateesh Reddy called it a major milestone after A-Sat. “We were able to enhance our capabilities and two successes in a short time,”


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